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In today’s modern wireless industry, site design is becoming more and more complex as additional technologies are being merged into existing sites.

Whereas structural design was probably the single most important element of design 10-15 years ago, this focus has now shifted to ensuring new technologies can be accommodated as cost effectively and efficiently as possible, with minimal effect on the end user.

Site designs often need to accommodate two network operators in a single upgrade design package, and those operators will have differing requirements for the accommodation of new equipment, power systems, antennas, mast head amplifiers, RRU’s, combiners and the like.

Performant’s Design philosophy is to fully encompass and truly understand the client’s design specifications and needs from their upgrade and new site programs. Rather than trying to “make do” using old techniques and standards, Performant aims to embrace change, challenge the old norms and strive to find new and innovative solutions to today’s network requirements.

Using a team of qualified structural and mechanical / electrical engineers, Performant’s design solutions can encompass not just the passive infrastructure, but also internal rack and cabinet locations and expansions, AC and DC power upgrade requirements, cable management, rigging schematics, antenna configurations as well as traditional steelwork and structural analysis.

All of the above is carried out under the banner of ensuring sites are designed to be built and operated safely, with our designers undertaking risk assessments throughout the design process, and modifying their proposals where required to ensure the strict adherence to Health and Safety requirements.