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Site Acquisition requirements are changing in the modern mobile telecoms sector. Speed to obtain a completed lease is still important, but selection of the right site, at the appropriate rent with the correct selection of future use rights is now more relevant than pure speed to access.

Performant, understands this, and as such selects its Site Acquisition Consultants on their knowledge not just of property and legal matters, but on their understanding of the market place and knowledge of how modern mobile network operators prioritise their requirements in terms of speed, rent and rights.

Performant believes that it is an absolute that Site Acquisition is not undertaken within a bubble, and that the Acquisition Consultants role is always to form the hub within the team that exists between RF and TX Planners, Site Designers, Construction Contractors and of course the Landlord or their representative.

To that end, the Performant Acquisition team are driven to act in the best interests of the site and the client, rather than taking a course that brings an early conclusion to the acquisition process.

Once the correct site is selected, the Acquisition Consultant will progress negotiations professionally and diligently with the Landlord (or their agent) to bring a lease template to the client as speedily as possible. We also have experience in operating under Master Lease Agreements with the major telecom facility providers.

Once the agreement on the lease is achieved, our Consultants will work with the client and the 3rd party solicitors to close out a legal agreement at the earliest opportunity.

Where the client wishes to do so, our experienced consultants can also negotiate early access agreements ahead of full lease completion, thus further reducing time to access for the client.